From the creek in the woods to your back door, worms are an important part of an healthy ecosystems capability of reproduction. We believe it is our responsibility to help you with your ecosystem. Always. 

Our Story

Natural fertilizer has fascinated Mary Thompson, Triple T Worm Ranch's founder, as long as she can remember. From the time she was an adult, she spent her time outdoors gardening and growing plants of all species. As she got older, her interest in natural fertilize grew into an obsession: she knew she'd found her life's calling.


After having plants burned by chemical fertilizers she knew she couldn't use them anymore. Wanting to get her hands dirty once again, she started Triple T Worm Ranch, specializing in vermiculture, she decided she would make it possible for everyone to use natural fertilizer.

Our Mission

our Story

from the hobby gardener to commercial nurseries. LET US help.